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Vigor Innovations is a National Energy Efficiency Advocate for Businesses to Lowering Operating Costs Through 
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Exclusive Benefits
Our Innovative Online Challenge allows your team to complete exciting missions and learn what it takes to have a successful energy efficiency plan in place. We have created a step by step guide complete with downloadable documents and resources to ensure your successful investment in energy efficiency upgrades. 

Remember you are One Energy Savings Plan Away...     
  • Learn How to Build the Best Energy Savings Plan for your business property                                          (*Estimated Value of 30+Labour Hours)
  • Save Thousands of Dollars in Admin and Consulting Fees (*Estimated Value of $3,500+)
  • Avoid Costly Errors and Use Our Template to Create Your Own Customized Request for Proposal              (*Estimated Value of $4,500+)
  • Lean How To Track & Verify your Energy Efficiency Investments (*Estimated Value of 20+Labour Hours per commercial property)
  • Gain Access to the video interviews of the Top Rated Professionals in Your Area                                  (*Estimated Value of 40+Labour Hours)
  • Unlock Thousands of Dollars in Manufacture Discounts* (*Estimated Value of $14,000+)
  • Yearly Investment of Only $1,500 (Or $125/month) Gives you Unlimited Access of Knowledge that can save you Thousands of Dollars from Energy Efficiency Upgrades 
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Energy Savings Program
Create an Energy Impact Team to complete all of the Building Impact Challenge Missions. Gain the latest knowledge from local experts, sign up for coaching calls, attend VIP workshop events, unlock manufacture discounts, win prizes for your office and win awards of recognition.      
  • Join Energy Expert Coaching Video Calls for Business Energy Efficiency + Q&A Opportunity                      (*Estimated Value of $3,500+)
  • Attend Exclusive VIP Energy Impact Live Events      (Valuable Client Professional Networking)
  • Download Valuable Data Forms to Help Your Team Succeed (*Estimated Value of $2,600+)
  • Learn How to Get the Best Deals on Utility Rates      (*Estimated Value of $2,500+)
  • Win Prizes and Awards for Completing the Missions (Valuable for Employee Culture)
  • Promote an Energy Efficient Culture & Image in your Organization 
  • Do you deal with one of our sponsors? Great contact them to receive a $1,150 savings code! Gives you Yearly Access of Knowledge that can save you Thousands of Dollars from Energy Efficiency Upgrades 
Building Impact Challenge 
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When you take action and sign up today, we will email you a $250 credit to Vision Energy Management Software!    
  • Quickly and Easily Compare Weather Normalized Historical Data Between Properties  
  • Save Thousands of Dollars in Consulting Fees
  • High Energy Usage Alerts.
  • Instant Energy Usage Reporting. 
  • LEED M&V Monitoring Points 
  • Cloud Based 100% Secure Platform
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